The Oshawa Express - Day of hope to inspire leaders to help

Day of hope to inspire leaders to help

Dan Carter, national speaker, author and television host, hosts a Day of Hope and Leadership.

By Katie Strachan
The Oshawa Express

Community leaders were treated to inspirational speeches as part of a professional development day in the region. More than 260 corporate CEO’s, college and university students, service club members, small business owners and entrepreneurs participated in the Day of Hope and Leadership on Thursday.

The event, the idea of national speaker, author and television host Dan Carter and his partner Paula Beebe, strive to inspire leaders to tackle community issues like the economy and poverty, and also raise awareness of the Centre of Hope and Learning, housed in the newly opened Conant Complex.

“We wanted to create a day where we could bring community leaders and decision makers to the same room to not only motivate and inspire them but to challenge them to take on the big issues were facing right now, especially with the economy the way it is,” says Carter, “We wanted to get people thinking before the storm hits to say what can we do together to make it through the storm,” Carter was a featured speaker during the day, which also included authors Denise Marek and Ian Hill, both international speakers and Todd Skinner, business coach and speaker.

The centre is the lifelong dream and vision of Carter and Beebe and was built on the belief that people can do more to help themselves and others when they are educated.


The centre is for people of all ages to enhance their learning in a friendly, safe and encouraging place.

“The centre allows them to use new technology which is not used in the public school system or the high school system,” says Carter, “It’s also about surrounding them with positive things,” The centre will provide children and adults with the necessary means to expand their knowledge no matter what background they come from.

“If you don’t have school supplies, we’ll try and get them for you. If your dad can’t read, we’ll teach him to read. If you can’t read, we’ll teach you to read,” explains Carter,“But you must commit to become a community leader,” The centre is hoping to help 3,000 young people just in its first year of operation. The Day of Hope and Leadership is also about creating awareness for his campaign, according to Carter.“We’re visiting 30 communities in 30 months. Today we hope to raise about $50,000 for the Hope and Learning Centre at Conant Complex,” he adds.

The campaign is expected to raise about $300,000 for local community programs throughout Canada and the United States.“Our hope is that leaders will create positive change that everyone can benefit from. All it takes is one day,” adds Carter.



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