Your waste will be left behind
Your waste will be left behind
August 12, 2009

Those bags you just purchased for your compostable green bag might be the wrong ones, the
region is warning. Only 100 per cent certified compostable liners are accepted through the program and although some bags are advertised as being biodegradable or xiobiodegradable, they are not accepted in Durham Region. They do not break down which results in residue being left behind which alters the compost. When these bags are spotted inside a green bin, the waste collector tags the container and will leave the waste at the curb. Only those carrying a certified compostable logo will be collected, a region release states. These bags completely break down and become part of the ‘finished’ compost. Paper food waste bags and newspaper are also accepted as liners in green bins.

By using 100 per cent certified compostable liner bags, paper food waste bags or food waste wrapped in newspaper, Durham is producing top-quality compost. The compost material is
processed at a composting facility in Pickering and once finished, is offered back to residents for use on their lawns and gardens through yearly spring compost giveaways.





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