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Oshawa joins the Costco Club

Construction has begun on the site for Oshawa's new Costco at the corner of Ritson Road and Adelaide Avenue. The store will be more than 146,000 square feet.

October 19, 2011

By Geoff Zochodne/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa’s Coscto has been cleared to land at the corner of Ritson Road and Adelaide Avenue.

City council recently green-lighted a recommendation to rezone the area around the intersection from a General Industrial to Special Purpose Commerical Area (SPC-A).

With the change in wording, construction on the Costco has already begun. Trucks and excavators have been seen on the property, and Mayor John Henry says, if all goes as planned, the store could be opened by August 2012.

According to the City’s bylaw, the change to a Special Commercial Area clears the land to build facilities like an animal hospital, a funeral home, a brew-your-own-beer store and, yes, a Costco, among other things.

“I think it’s one of the most exciting things that’s happened on Ritson Road in a long time,” says Mayor Henry, adding he sees the new store as a way to “kick-start development in that area” as well.

“They (Coscto) recognize the importance of Oshawa,” he continues, citing the store as just one of the reasons that the city is among the “fastest-growing” in Canada.
“It’s exciting,” he says.

The store will take up more than 146,000 square feet on the 27-acre site, says Councillor John Aker, chair of the Development Services Committee.

“It’s a very large store,” he notes.

The approval is a good thing, continues Councillor Aker, as the land had been sitting idle for some time.

“The site has been vacant for 10 years and it’s basically a brickyard,” he explains. “The land…will become useful and beneficial.”

Councillor Aker says the City is anticipating a lot of growth in the coming year. The surrounding areas around the Costco zone have attracted a lot of interest, he claims, though stating nothing has been signed just yet.

Mayor Henry concurs with that assessment.

“There’s all kinds of interest,” he says, also adding the caveat that there is nothing definite as of yet.
“2012 will be an exciting time for the City of Oshawa,” notes Councillor Aker. “The City is growing and redeveloping itself…and to do that you need to upgrade infrastructure.”

That upgrade to the infrastructure is something Councillor Aker says residents may need to have some patience with.

“There may be some disruption in traffic,” he explains, with all the new developments that will be springing up across the city. “I hope the citizens accept the short-term inconveniences that occur.”

Rice Commercial Group will be building the Costco. As per the City’s recommendation, and the Ontario Planning Act, no new period of public comment is required on the rezoning.

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