Enjoying summer break
Enjoying summer break
August 5,2009

By Katie Strachan
The Oshawa Express

Although the summer has been anything but sunshine and swimming, dozens of kids are making the most of it at the Oshawa Public Libraries many events. The library, offering up programs from toddlers to teens, recently invited Cindy Cook, the former star of Polka Dot Door, a popular children’s show, to perform. Using puppets and stuffed animal props, Cook entertained about 35 kids and their parents. Interacting with the children through songs, inviting them up on stage and hosting spelling games made for a good time. The children were all smiles. Bailey and Dana Hansen, who were there with their mom, thought the show was great. Bailey even got the chance to go up on stage and help Cook with one of the spelling games. And while school is out for summer break, about 25 kids found themselves
back in class- villain class that is.

The course, hosted at the McLaughlin Library, taught participating six to 12 year-olds everything they needed to know about being a villain. First thing you need to know about being a villain is that you create the rules, and the participants did just that.“You can beat people up,” shouts one little boy trying to be evil.“You can eat as much candy as you want,” shouts another ‘sweet’ little boy.“You don’t have to do your homework,” says one of the young girls in the class. After the rules were straightened out, it was on to mixing evil magic
potions, which could turn you into something if you’re not careful. Brothers, Nathan and Rudy, carefully poured the orange liquid into the white powder.“Just wait a moment,” says Evil teacher Agnes. And suddenly - boom!

The liquid bubbles until it turns to foam and explodes over the edge of the plastic cups causing quite a burst of excitement in the room. After learning the basics of what it takes to be a villain, the kids were returned to their parents dying to show off their most evil skills. It’s just what every parent would hope for. The Oshawa Public Library has a number of events, shows and adventures going on throughout the summer for kids of all ages.




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