Bus route extends to Walmart
Bus route extends to Walmart
August 12, 2009

By Lindsey Cole
The Oshawa Express

Councillor Robert Lutczyk is thrilled that after collecting 1,200 signatures last year, finally
the people were heard. Beginning Nov. 1, a bus will go all the way to Walmart at Stevenson
Road where, until now, people have had to walk across the bridge to get to the nearest bus stop. Councillor Lutczyk has been pushing for a bus to loop in the plaza, which also houses retail stores and services like La Senza, Chatters and Great Clips, and now his wish has
been answered. Along with residents, he helped to get a petition started after seeing firsthand how many people were walking in the snow and rain to get to the nearest stop.

The 408 Stevenson bus will cross Stevenson Road to Laval Street and loop into Walmart to pick up and drop off residents.“Every time I came in there, the Walmart greeter guy would ask, ‘is the bus coming on this year?’” he says.

“This is big. It doesn’t happen very often. I am surprised it has taken as long as it has with the service it provides.” He says the decision was made at the most recent transit executive committee meeting.





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