Persistent Persistent leak not budgeted for 2009



Persistent leak not budgeted for 2009
September 23, 2009

By Katie Strachan
The Oshawa Express

A persistent leaky roof at the Durham Region Transit (DRT) East Facility may force the region to fork over a substantial amount of unbudgeted cash. The roof of the facility, located at 710 Raleigh Avenue, has been repaired a number of times, states the region, but none of the repair jobs have been successful in stopping leaks. The leaks are now substantial and have
become a health and safety concern, states a region works committee report. The unforeseen leaks need to be tended to immediately to ensure the best and most cost-effective solution for the region, it says. But the repairs won’t come cheap.

The region will be forced to allot $100,000 towards the roof repair – money that was not anticipated during the preparation of the 2009 budget for the DRT facility. The money will be taken from DRT’s 2009 budget, provided the Commissioner of Finance R.J Clapp, and Regional Council approves it. In order to prevent health and safety issues from worsening, the repair must be completed sometime this fall, says the works committee report.





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