Buy a vehicle with the “Ontario-Registered Dealer” decal



Buy a vehicle with the “Ontario-Registered Dealer” decal
September 23, 2009

(NC)—A new public awareness program from the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC), Ontario's motor vehicle sales regulator, will help people identify registered
dealers. The program includes a dealer window decal. All dealers and salespeople in Ontario
are required to be registered with OMVIC and to represent vehicles accurately. Registered
dealers also contribute to a consumer protection fund.

“The Ontario-registered dealer decal is part of a wider program intended to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of buying from a registered dealer. You take your chances if you buy from a non-registered vehicle seller – especially curbsiders, who pose as private sellers but are selling damaged or misrepresented vehicles,” says Brenda McIntyre of OMVIC. Ontario-Registered Dealers Are Regulated:

• Must present the vehicle accurately and disclose history.

• Required to take certification course on automotive law and ethics.

• Must pay into the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund, a dealersupported consumer protection fund. Buy with Confidence from an Ontario-Registered Dealer:

1. Look for the “Ontario- Registered Dealer” decal.

2. Ask the dealer to show you their OMVIC certification.

3. Contact OMVIC at“The vast majority of transactions with registered
dealers are positive. If an issue arises, you can get help and maybe even financial
compensation. If you buy a vehicle from someone else, you're pretty much on your own,” says McIntyre. In addition to regulating dealers and salespersons, OMVIC maintains a fair, safe and informed vehicle sales marketplace by inspecting dealerships, conducting investigations and maintaining a complaint line for consumers. You can learn more online at





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